Penny Roberts Yoga

Yoga classes in Limpsfield, Hurst Green, Surrey

Why Exercise with us?

Hello and welcome to Penrobyoga, located in Oxted offering a range of ONLINE Yoga classes in your area during Lockdown.

I offer a range of Yoga classes including Zoom Sessions on Mondays at 18h00 and Wednesdays at 09h30. There is also a Chair Yoga Session on Tuesdays at 10h30. A NEW Covid-19 Recovery Group Class has been set up on Mondays from 16h00 - 17h00.

My Yoga classes are a low impact fo
... rm of exercise, focusing on balance and control. The classes will help you to develop inner strength and improve your well-being.

Each Yoga Class I offer is for people who want to build up their inner strength, gain mind and body awareness and improve their balance and posture for ease and lightness.

I offer help with breathing technique, strength and improved posture. I also teach Mudras, all in a calm and peaceful environment.

By joining one of my local Yoga Classes you will interact with new people as well as get the opportunity to find an oasis away from daily pressures.

Find a Yoga class that suits you on my website. To contact me about my classes use the enquiry form against the Yoga class you are interested in.

I will be happy to give you information and advice on the most suitable yoga class for you.
Insured By: British Wheel of Yoga

Insured By: British Wheel of Yoga
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